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Bandai Namco Games Announce Captain Earth: Mind Labyrinth PlayStation Vita Game


Captain Earth, for those of you who aren’t ‘in the know’, is an Anime series that is currently airing in Japan. It’s story revolves around a team of young heroes, a majority of which have the ability to pilot their own huge robots which they then fly into space to defend Earth from other huge robots; something the Anime community has never seen before one hundred and fifty times.

The leader of this small team, a boy named Daichi Manatsu, is THE Captain Earth, well…at least that’s what I refer to him as when I can’t quite remember his name. When a series about dueling mechs comes along, audiences can’t help but imagine being in control of their very own fighting robot. Bandai Namco Games have just announced that they will be releasing a PlayStation Vita game based on the highly-popular Anime series on the 26th of February next year in Japan. It’s titled, as you have already seen, ‘Captain Earth: Mind Labyrinth’ and will feature the gameplay mechanics of a…visual novel…so, there’s not going to be any actual robot piloting.

That’s OK though because there are plenty of gamers out there who just want to sit in on a good story and there’s nothing wrong with that! The game will feature an original story not seen in the Anime series and is looking to be quite a nice addition to what fans are already enthralled by. Bandai Namco Games released an announcement trailer for the game that detailed what we’re to expect from it as well as the limited edition version of the title that has been made available for pre-order over in Japan.

Accompanying the game will be a four disc audio drama based on the series, and art book which any fan of giant robots would enjoy and a special case. First run copies will come alongside a download code for a special ‘Captain Earth’ movie titled ‘Midsummer’s Carnival’. We don’t quite know whether or not the game will be making its way to the West so don’t get your hopes up for it yet. If it does get announced, you can bet to see it here on the site.


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