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Bandai Namco Europe Launches Online Store, Brings Back the Pac (Among Other Favourites)


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Lovers of games and merchandise rejoice, especially if that love is specifically for content that falls under the banner of Bandai Namco, such as Tales of, Tekken or the tried and true classic Galaga. In the ever spreading trend of digitising the world, shoppers will be able to enjoy an online marketplace through which to purchase posters, canvases, coffee mugs, hoodies, t-shirts and phone cases. You know, the essentials. More specifically, the 35th Anniversary of Pac-Man is being celebrated by a series of unique designs created by 35 artists. Now why they chose that number is beyond em, but I’m sure there’s something to it.

In regards to the new online storefront, Hervé Hoerdt (VP of Marketing and Digital at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe) said:

We are all super excited about this long awaited store dedicated to our biggest fans! Our goal is to provide high quality, exclusive and unique items that have been carefully selected to communicate and represent our passion and love around iconic IPs. This is just the beginning as we are planning to work closely with all the people that love our brands to bring to life the craziest ideas they might have!”

So…yeah. Apologies for the brevity, but there really isn’t much more to say. So why not just head on over to the store yourself and peruse their selection? I’ll even put the link right here, just to be nice…also because it would be a glaring oversight to forgo its inclusion. But I like my first reason better, paints me in a better light. Regardless, let the shopping commence!


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