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Bandai Namco Entertainment Announces One Piece: Burning Blood


About a week or so ago, I wrote an article regarding Bandai Namco Entertainment and their licensing of a video game name that went by the name Burning Blood. In this article I compared the name to that of the Japanese delinquent fight game Crows: Burning Edge, stating that there was a possibility that the company plan on bringing said game to the West under a new title. As it turns out…I’m dead wrong.

The name Burning Blood actually belongs to a brand-new One Piece fighting game set to be released for the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4. How do I know this now? Well Bandai Namco Entertainment announced this alongside a trailer for the upcoming One Piece game at this year’s Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia Press conference.

Not much is known about this One Piece game, as of right now, but by judging by the trailer it looks as though it will focus heavily on the adoptive brothers Luffy, Ace, and Sabo; each of which being heavily present showing off their fierce fighting styles. It’s not too crazy to think that this game would revolve solely around the three boys seeing as each of their respective fighting styles revolve around heat: Both Sabo and Ace now have the powers of the Flame-Flame Fruit, and Luffy’s blood literally boils when going into Gears higher than one. This could be the basis behind the game’s name but, once again…I could be wrong.

Either way, Bandai Namco Entertainment have already released a trailer for the One Piece: Burning Blood and we know, for a fact, that it will be heading to the West sometime in the near future thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment’s European branch licensing the game title. It’s a very exciting time for One Piece fans!


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    if you want the game dub then go to do something before it released 500 support is needed to get it done

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