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Bandai Namco Entertainment Announces Digimon Linkz SmartPhone Game

Digimon-Linkz-Trailer-Screenshot-01It seems as though Digimon is making a comeback. According to Japan, it never really left, but anyone who knows anything about the long-running monster-raising franchise will know that it has obviously seen better days. Most notably; back in 90s when it was first conceived and released. As of late, though, the franchise has been resurrected thanks to a whole bunch of new video games developed specifically for those of us who grew up with Digimon, and those of us who still have a place for it in our hearts.

Digimon World Re:Digitized, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Digimon World -Next 0rder-; these are just a few of the worthwhile new Digimon games that Bandai Namco Entertainment have delivered to the Digital Monster-loving fans…and they’ve got one more to announce, but unfortunately it wont be as exciting as the titles I listed just above.

The new game is called Digimon Linkz; a SmartPhone title that has players build their own village, raise their own Digimon, and battle others to see just who truly is the master of the Digital World. Bandai Namco Entertainment released a trailer for the game and honestly…it doesn’t look half bad, but SmartPhone gaming has a certain stigma surrounding it that leads me to believe it’s going to be a game simply made to bring in some extra cash, much like most SmartPhone games out there.

So far, the game has only been announced for a Japanese release. Chances are, it’ll never get a Western release much like a lot of the other Japanese mobile titles out there, but we still have this little video to enjoy so check it out below! The is set for a release sometime this year, Bandai Namco Entertainment have yet to announce specifically when.


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