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Bandai Namco Announces ‘Sword Art Online: Lost Song’


There is no rest period for the developers behind the ‘Sword Art Online’ series of video games. It was only a few months ago that we saw the Western release of the PlayStation Vita exclusive title ‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment’ and now we’re already being shown a brand-new game that is set for an official release some time in 2015. The game is called ‘Sword Art Online: Lost Song’ and has already been said to be coming out on both the PlayStation 3 and, once again, on the PlayStation Vita.

Unlike ‘Hollow Fragment’, ‘Lost Song’ will take place in ‘Alfheim Online’ which, for those of you who havn’t seen the Anime, is where the second half of the first series takes place. This new VMMORPG (Virtual Massive Multiplayer Online Game) is quite similar to ‘SAO’ in that characters can still use bladed weaponry but it does feature some differences: One is that magic is the most looked upon form of combat for those playing the game and the other is that all the characters can fly which, says Bandai Namco, can be done in the new game.

Released alongside the announcement was the very first trailer of the game of which I’ve provided for you below. Though information is mostly scarce at this point in time, it has been said that more will come in the next issue of the Japanese gaming magazine ‘Dengeki PlayStation’ so stay tuned for that!


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