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Bandai Namco Announces One Piece: Thousand Storm SmartPhone Game

One-Piece-Thousand-Storm-Smartphone-Screenshot-01Bandai Namco Entertainment have only just announced their latest One Piece video game title Burning Blood, but it seems as though that is simply not enough because they’ve just gone ahead and announced ANOTHER One Piece title, this time called “Thousand Storm“.

This new game, unlike Burning Blood, will not be released on the conventional consoles like most of the One Piece games that have come before it. Bandai Namco Entertainment seem to be, once again, heading into the realm of SmartPhone gaming for the new title labelled a “united Pirates RPG“…whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Yes, Thousand Storm will not be released on any of the big consoles, instead it will call the palm of your hand it’s home as it is planned for an iOS and Android release in both Japan and throughout the West sometime in 2016.

Thousand Storm will be an RPG heavily based on teamwork. It’s a video game that will urge you to partner up with two of your friends and take on the series’ antagonists as a team rather than on your own, which is an interesting feature for a role-playing game.

With character models looking similar to that of One Piece: Super Grand Battle X, the game looks surprisingly appealing. Although there’s only been a handful of screenshots released, Bandai Namco Entertainment assures us that even though it is being developed for SmartPhones, the graphics will be as smooth and polished as possible, which is why they’ve gone for a simpler style than, let’s say, Pirate Warriors 3. So far the only playable characters announced are Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Tony Tony Chopper, and Trafalgar Law. Surely, closer into the future, Bandai Namco Entertainment will announce more of the game’s features, but until then…this is all we’ve got to off.


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