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Bandai Namco Announce Dragon Ball: Project Fusion Nintendo 3DS Game


What is your favorite thing about Dragon Ball, reader? Personally, I enjoy seeing two characters fuse together, simply because I’ve always been a fan of the staple fusion characters Vegeto and Gogeta. I mean, what’s better than a character with the overwhelming power of Goku combined with the devastating arrogance of Vegeta? Simply…nothing. That’s why the prospect of a Dragon Ball video game that relies heavily on the fusion aspect of the series excited me to such a large degree!

Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced this week, through Japan’s V-Jump magazine, a brand-new Nintendo 3DS title called Dragon Ball: Project Fusion that, as I mentioned previously, is an RPG that gives the spotlight to the fusion ability introduced late in the series’ run.

So far, not a lot has been revealed regarding how this game will play. All the V-Jump announcement detailed was that it is an RPG and that it will revolve around fusion, backing it’s statement up with an image of life-long enemies Goku and Broly partaking in the Fusion Dance; something many fans don’t believe Broly would ever allow himself to be a part of…especially with Goku.

Set for a vague 2016 release, this game has only been listed as coming out in Japan, but hopefully we’ll be seeing a Western release, you know…eventually. Considering it is a Dragon Ball title and we are living in the year 2016, there’s a high chance this title will get localised, but I wouldn’t hold my breath!


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