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Azure Striker Gunvolt Announced For Western Release, Made Available To Purchase Soon After Presentation


Any fan of “Megaman” or any of Keiji Inafune’s other similar works will be very excited to know that his latest video game masterpiece “Azure Striker Gunvolt” has not only just been announced for a Western release but almost immediately made available to purchase on the Nintendo eShop. Allow me to explain: April’s Nintendo Direct Presentation has just finished and with it, much like every other presentation, comes a whole bunch of awesome information about Nintendo games.

One that took me by surprise but excited me a great deal is the release of Inafune’s “Azure Striker Gunvolt” which is set to be released on the 2nd of April which, if you’re living in Australia where I am, is today! Now while I havn’t been able to get onto the eShop to check if it is already out thanks to the huge rush of people wanting to check out the presentation and the games it was promoting, so I’m not quite sure if it has been released as of yet. The fact is that, by tomorrow, it will be made available for you all to own.

We love Nintendo for what they do but we love them even more when they spring us with a surprise like this. Keep an eye on the eShopp over today and tomorrow to be able to catch “Azure Striker Gunvolt” as it gets released. Do you need that “Megaman” itch scratched? This is the game to do it!


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