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Awaken Your Seventh Sense – Saint Seiya: Soldier’s Soul Out Now


Burn your Cosmos

Can you see that? That light shining in the night sky. The one right next to the hundred billion other lights…a little to the left…there you go. Got it. What is that light you might ask (if you’ve made it this far through my ramblings), why it’s Saint Seiya. Back again in video game form, the Knights of the Zodiac are bringing justice to your Sony consoles as of now (and Steam eventually).

Known as Soldier’s Soul, the game will bring characters from the new series into the Legend of Cosmo and Battle of Gold modes. Draped in new God Cloths and set to face a bigger challenge than their fight against Hades, Seiya and the others really have their work cut out for them. Also, for the more nostalgic among you, Soldier’s Soul promises the “grand premiere” of the Asgard Arc. So have fun with that. Also again, while you’re in an enjoying mood, why not check out the trailer and a few nifty screenshots?


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