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August CoroCoro Leaks Reveal More Pokemon And Region Antagonists


While seeing actual brand-new Pokemon is what keeps the fandom in a constant state of excitement during this pre-release period, there are a great deal of other interesting elements to a Pokemon game that make up the entire experience, and therefor are just as intriguing, if not moreso. The August issue of CoroCoro was set to officially reveal a batch of four new Pokemon, alongside two more Alola variants of first generation Pocket Monsters but, as usual, a great citizen of the world has gotten their hands on the issue early and posted pictures online.

Nuikoguma (Japanese name): The pre-evolution of Beware. It is Normal and Fighting-type.

Sunabaa and Shirodesuna (Japanese name): An evolutionary line based on sandcastles. They are both Ground and Ghost-type.

Yowashi (Japanese name): An aquatic Pokemon that can change forms, joining with a school of other Yowashi to create a larger creature. It is a Water-type.

Alolan Meowth: This particular breed of Meowth comes from a long line of royalty, and is now a Dark-type Pokemon.

Alolan Marowak: This particular Marowak was evolved to defend against predators specifically dangerous to itself. It is now a Fire and Ghost-type Pokemon.

While news of unseen Pokemon is indeed quite exciting, a brand-new Pokemon game does not just feature different creatures, it also features different characters. I happen to be a big fan of the antagonists of any story, because their path seems to be the most exciting one, and the team that will cause trouble for you across Alola is one titled Team Skull, lead by a man called Guzma, aided by a girl called Plumeri.

I would love to go into greater detail but unfortunately…this is all that was featured in the leak. As part of the reveal, CoroCoro announced that the publications next issue will feature the unveiling of Rockruff’s “Secret Evolution”. Until then; enjoy the Pokemon featured here!


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