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Attack On Titan Season Two Set To Begin Airing In Spring 2017, Main Visual Released

Attack-On-Titan-Season-Two-Key-Anime-Visual-01Now, I’m no time wizard (though I wish I were), so I’m not too sure exactly how long audiences have been waiting for the next season of Attack On Titan, but according to the internet; the first season came out in 2013…it is now 2016…and we wont be getting season two until 2017. Let that sink in for just a few minutes before continuing with the article. If you’re one of those die-hard Attack On Titan fans; maybe just bookmark this page, meditate on it for a little while, then return here to continue reading. I know, Anime is hard sometimes…really, really hard.

Fact is; it has felt like a Millenia since we last saw Attack On Titan, so it doesn’t matter if it was only three years ago because, if you ask the aforementioned die-hard fans of the series, countless galaxies have dissolved into nothingness since the last time we saw a terrified teenager get devoured by a fifty-foot tall woman, and even though that sounds like a pretty fun fetish, it’s actually incredibly horrific!

An Attack On Titan festival was held in Tokyo over the weekend wherein which the cast reunited in person to interact with fans, talk about their experience with the series, and reveal that the next season will not be airing until the Spring of 2017. Many people are delighted to know that the world will still be getting a second season, but many people are enraged because it will still be quite some time before they will get the chance to experience what the continuation of the story has to offer.

Alongside the vague release announcement, the season’s key visual also made an appearance at the festival, and has now been released online for all the Attack On Titan-loving world to see. This image is the one that has been featured in the article. The same cast and crew will return for the second season, albeit with small changes: Tetsuro Araki will take over as Chief Director of the season, backed up by Masashi Koizuka who has been promoted from Episode Director to simply Director.

Sure, we’ve still got a year to wait until the next season is set to air, but that’s okay because there’re plenty of Attack On Titan-based pieces of media to engulf yourself in until the time comes to watch the new episodes. It’s fine, I’m sure you’ll find a way to survive the harsh, anticipatory year ahead. Good luck!


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