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Attack on Titan Season 2 Delayed Until 2016


While originally planned for a 2015 release the second season of the colossal anime success story Attack on Titan is now confirmed for a 2016 premiere meaning fans must wait an extra year for more titan-sized action.

The announcement has come through from viewers of the 2nd movie compilation of the series. At the end of the 2nd movie a title card informed audiences that Attack on Titan season 2 will premiere at some point in 2016.

I must say this is a bit of a bummer for fans of the series. Considering there is a fair amount of source material available at the moment to continue the adaptation it is a curious thought as to why the second season must be delayed yet another year.

Unfortunately fans of the series are left hanging with questions such as: who is the Colossal Titan? What is that titan in the wall? Why didn’t Eren’s parents teach him to use his indoor voice? And of course the question on everyone’s mind: who let the dogs out?

Source: SnK Channel


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