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“Attack On Titan” Domain Names Registered By Sony Pictures USA Could Indicate Western Film Production


“Attack On Titan”, despite hitting some seriously high levels of popularity about a year ago when the Anime adaptation was released, has not even come close to dipping in adoration thanks to the huge number of fans that simple cannot get enough of it. The level of fame this series has hit is not thanks to some kind of fluke. Despite the Manga having its many hiccups, the Anime series made up for what it lacked and solidified this survival story as one that will be remembered for many years to come.

As any good series does, “Attack On Titan” spawned many off-shoots like video games and feature films. As of right now the series has four films on the way; two of which are compilations of scenes from the Anime and another two that are live-action Japanese productions. Here’s the thing; only just recently the American branch of Sony Pictures registered a whole bunch of domain names that could possibly mark the production of an Western feature film version of the very popular series. Though don’t take my words as gospel, this is simple mix of speculation and hope.

The registered domain names are as follows:

This could mean any number of things: It is possible that Sony have acquired the Western distribution rights to the Japanese films but it could also mean that there is indeed a chance that there’s going to be an American film telling the same story as that of the deathly popular series. There’s a huge problem though; seeing as the series IS so highly revered…there’s a good chance no Western production will reach the expectations of those who are in utter love with the series.

It’s fine by me though. As someone who enjoyed the series but doesn’t feel such a deep connection to it, I really do hope this is the case…but it may not be, remember to take that into account. I’m interested in what else this could mean for the franchise and I’d actually like to hear your takes on it. There’s a comment section just below so use it, people!


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