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Assassination Classroom Promotes Second Season, Students and Fans Pleased as Punch


The student becomes the hunter

As readers of the site can attest, Assassination Classroom is a pretty popular series. Taking a rather unique premise and combining it with a literal class of characters, the series has gather quite the fanbase through its manga and initial anime season. Announced long ago that it would be back for a second season, the series in question has received a new key visual that showcases the happy gaggle of assassins just kind of hanging around. Just your typical hype shot that reminds the anime watching world what is coming around the seasonal corner.

Along with this image also came the news that season two will run for twenty five episodes, putting it three above the run of season one. More story to get through I suppose. Though the non-symmetry of it does give a perhaps baseless sense of hope that twenty five episodes is what the season needed to run through its content, or maybe season one was an anomaly in its episode count. I’m not entirely knowledgeable on that one, just enthusiastic. On the flipside of continuity, the opening theme song of season two, entitled “QUESTION”, will be performed by the Class 3-E Song Representatives (3-nen E-gumi Utatan), a quintet formed by series students Nagisa (Mai Fuchigami), Karma (Nobuhiko Okamoto), Kaede (Aya Suzaki), Yuma (Ryota Ohsaka) and Hiroto (Shintarō Asanuma), who performed the opening song of the first season. The ending theme “Kaketa Tsuki” will be performed by Shion Miyawaki.

The anime itself will premiere in Japan January 7th, leaving you a few weeks to recall the events of season one, watch the live action adaptation or do whatever you feel necessary to prep for the upcoming season. I wonder if the “Assassination” segment of the title will come to fruition this time around, I mean, we’ve already seen quite a lot of the “Classroom” part…



  1. I am super pumped for the continuation! I hear that the anime will cover when the series heats up.

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