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Asian Kung-Fu Generation Are Back, Baby!


The legendary Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation are ready to rip it up once again with their first single in 2 years set for release on March 18th. The new single is titled ‘Easter’ and you would never guess where they recorded it.

Recording for their upcoming album including the track ‘Easter’ has taken place at the Foo Fighters private recording studio ‘Studio 606′ in Los Angeles. That is some hallowed ground for rock n’ roll and now with the echoes of Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s roaring guitars and pounding drums forever engrained in its halls, Studio 606 now has a place in J-Rock history.

I for one am looking forward to what lies ahead for Asian Kung-Fu Generation with this next album and we will be sure to get a taste test with the single ‘Easter’. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming album ahead of its launch.


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