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Artist Spotlight: Chancake at SMASH! Con 2015

Tucked away in booth #73 at SMASH! Con’s Artist Alley Hall was a lovely young artist by the name of Chancake. With visually striking art bursting with colour and personality, Chancake’s work stood out from the crowd in a room filled with talented artists and their artwork.

Infusing a mix of different styles, Chancake’s work was reminiscent of the punkish vibe of video-games like Danganronpa crossed with the pop art sensibilities of Andy Warhol making for almost an Warhol-esque take on anime and manga. It is a bit of a strange comparison to make but one look at Chancake’s art and you will see it to be a truly mind boggling aesthetic experience.

Her art work can be described as fan art but her spin on popular characters and series such as Inazuma Eleven and Phoenix Wright feels like so much more than simple fan art. She takes these already larger than life characters and portrays them in a way that is utterly out of this world. In particular I found her Inazuma Eleven art to be a fantastic spin on these characters that I personally hold near and dear. After speaking with her and sharing our love for the series, it is obvious that she herself has a special place in her heart for these characters and it shows in every line or splash of colour on the canvas.

Not only does Chancake do art based upon anime and manga but she also does original pieces as well. In particular I found her ‘Starlight’ artwork to be a gorgeously detailed piece of character ensemble art. It was of such high quality and style that I could quite easily imagine that as a key visual art for an upcoming JRPG title. Heck she could have told me it was and I would have believed her it was just that good.

Chancake was a genuinely humble artist and her passion for her work shines through in every piece of work she had on display. Her love for her characters portrayed and the feeling that each piece conveys is incredible. If you have yet to discover this inspiring young artist and her work you can check it out on Tumblr, Deviant Art and even give her a follow of Twitter. She has a great future ahead of her and I look forward to seeing where her artwork takes her.


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