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Armin Joins Attack on Titan Companions in Nendoroid Form


Tougher than he looks

Isn’t he cute? *cough* I mean brave. Isn’t he a brave soldier? Well regardless, Armin Arlert is joining the likes of fellow Titan slayers Eren and Mikasa as the sixth Nendoroid from Attack on Titan. I knew you could do it buddy. As with his companions, Armin will come with his own Vertical Meaneuvering Equiment (Omni-Directional Mobility Gear for fans of the dub) and Paring Blades. Combined with the included effect parts, you can make your very own combat scenes for display. Isn’t that neat? Also included are three faces of varying expressions, legs set in a kneeling pose and a bandage that wraps around Armin’s head, recalling a certain moment in the series that was…emotional, to say the least.

Pre-ordering this Nendoroid will set you back ¥3,889 (before tax), so check out all the details before you buy (this is where I conveniently place the link). I leave you now with a quote from the man himself, the master tactician and star of this article: Armin Arlert.

I am a soldier who pledged his heart to fight for mankind!
If I meet my end while serving that pledge, I ask for nothing more!


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