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‘April is Your Lie’ Anime Trailer Released, Goose House composing Soundtrack


The upcoming Fall 2014 anime season has a sleeper hit in the making with the anime adaptation of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or otherwise known as April is Your Lie in English. The series is set to air as part of the legendary anime block noitaminA, known for producing some all-time anime greats.

April is Your Lie follows a classical pianist who gives up on music after his mother’s death, only to find himself drawn back into the musical world by a free-spirited girl who plays violin. It looks to be a beautiful tale to say the least and given the acclaim that the original manga has garnered, one can only expect the anime to follow suit.

The trailer for the anime can be seen below featuring the theme song from Goose House, who some of you may know for their Youtube channel featuring cover songs alongside their original tracks. Take a gander below to find out why April is Your Lie.


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