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Ao Haru Ride anime gets promo trailer, looks kinda lovely

ao-haru-rideUpcoming Summer 2014 anime series Ao Haru Ride has just gotten a new promotional trailer ahead of its premiere on the 7th of July. The trailer naturally looks lovely and is filled with that whole ‘love is in the air’ vibe that you can only get from shoujo romance series such as this.

The series follows a teenage girl named Futaba Yoshioka, a very cute girl who has been bullied in the past for her good looks who decides to reset her image upon entering into high school. She decides to no longer be cute or lady-like, but her world is thrown into a spin when an old flame returns into her life reigniting a spark from years gone by.

You can check out the trailer for Ao Haru Ride below to get a gander at what to expect from this romance anime about a girl who is just too cute for her own good.


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Flip flop slipperdy snap, want to hear a puzzle slap? Who hoot hoots like a shoe in the night, what beetleborgs do is quite a fright. You can be Scooby Doo and eat your pie too but I'm just having some fun being Halliday, dude.

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