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Another Reminder – Teaser Trailer Released For Omega Force’s Attack On Titan Game


On that day, mankind received a grim reminder…and since that day we’ve been reminded time and time again that Attack On Titan is one of the modern age’s most popular Anime series’, that’s why a brand-new game based on the horrifyingly gory series has just been announced.

Now I’m sure you’ve all played the already-released Attack On Titan video game Humanity In Chains, right? No? Seriously? You at least know about it then. Surely. It was released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS not too long ago and was met with a mediocre response. Yeah…not many people liked it, unfortunately. I guess that’s why developers Omega Force have decided to try their hand and making an enjoyable Attack On Titan game.

The upcoming game, which was teased about two days ago to then be swiftly confirmed today, will hit shelves sometime in 2016. At least, that’s what Koei Tecmo America have assured the pop culture world. The game doesn’t even have an official title, yet we have a release year. Something is a little fishy about all this, but I don’t quite know what so I’m going to take the path of blind acceptance and say; “I really can’t wait for this game!“.

Having not played Humanity In Chains but seeing it’s trailers and reading it’s reviews, I’m hoping that Omega Force actually do the series justice…unlike Spike Chunsoft. Fact is; we wont really know until more is shown. So far all we have is a short teaser trailer, which I’ve provided for you below, and that’s pretty much it. We know Omega Force are the ones behind development, we know it’s coming out sometime in 2016, and we know that it’ll be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Now let’s just hope that it’s actually a good game. The pressure’s on Omega Force.


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