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Another Mighty Project – Keiji Inafune Teams Up with Microsoft


It’s what inside that counts

The man behind one of gaming’s most memorable blue characters has been on people’s minds lately with the promise of the release of Mighty No. 9 drawing ever closer. However, at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, it was made known that Inafune and the people at Comcept are setting up to present the world with another new title; ReCore.

In conjunction with Armature Studio, Comcept will develop the game as a Xbox One exclusive title, hence the reveal at the Microsoft press conference. Though no gameplay was shown, nor any concrete plot given, the title seems to focus  on the titular core items. Given the thematic trailer, ReCore may possess some sort of AI allies, able to take a multitude of forms. Whether or not these forms are story locked or acquired by choice is unknown, as is any other confirmed information.

Set for Spring of 2016, information is sure to fill in the space between then and now, so keep an eye out. Until then, enjoy the trailer and ponder whether it’s cooler to have a mech dog or a mech warrior sidekick.


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