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Anne Hathaway’s new film ‘Colossal’ narrowly avoids a lawsuit from Godzilla and Toho


The upcoming Anne Hathaway-starring film Colossal was earlier this year described by it’s director Nacho Vigalondo as a film about ‘Tokyo coming under attack by Godzilla and a giant robot.”

Naturally this did not sit well with kaiju overlords Toho, who actually own the rights to the king of all monsters, Godzilla. So with an army of kaiju sized lawyers, Toho began to file a colossal lawsuit against Vigalondo and the production company behind this movie about not-Godzilla and a giant robot of some manner.

As it turns out Toho didn’t take kindly to some guy saying he is making a movie about the monster dinosaur thing that they make movies about. Vigalondo only made matters worse for himself when he was quoted in countless interviews proclaiming that Godzilla will be in his movie Colossal. Vigalondo noted that it is “the cheapest Godzilla movie ever” and “a serious Godzilla movie.” Both damning quotes from a man making a movie about Godzilla and a nondescript giant robot without the express consent of Godzilla’s daddy Toho. Be warned aspiring film-makers, kaiju does not equal consent.

This is what getting sued by Godzilla looks like.

This is what getting sued by Godzilla looks like.

Luckily for Vigalondo and Anne Hathaway, Toho ultimately managed to settle the case outside of court provided Vigalondo stop saying Godzilla publicly or privately and make it abundantly clear that Colossal is not a movie about Godzilla. So with that said the film’s new description reads: “Ho Chi Mihn City is under attack by Godzooky and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.”

Do you think that Colossal sounds a little too much like a Godzilla movie? Check out the trailer below and you be the judge.


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