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AnimeLab Just Announced A Bunch Of New Titles Both Old and New, Everyone Wins!


During their Periscope streamed AnimeLab press conference at Supanova Perth, AnimeLab announced several brand new titles being added to the popular streaming service. Titles are being added both to the back catalogue of the site as well as some upcoming Summer season simulcasts.

As far as adding to the backlog, AnimeLab announced several oldschool and newschool series. Rather interesting was the announcement that the wildly popular shojo series Cardcaptor Sakura would be hitting the service. The series was a huge hit down under and remains a fan favourite all these years on. The series will hit the service in its entirety in sub only with potential for the films at a later date.


Also announced is the Rumiko Takahashi fantasy epic, Inuyasha. A classic title in every regard, Inuyasha’s first 165 episodes are hitting the service with the rest to be released periodically until its completion. Again this is another big get for AnimeLab.

Sports anime fans also had reason to be excited with the announcement that Haikyuu and Free! Eternal Summer will be joining the line-up on AnimeLab. Haikyuu is a bit of a phenomenon in the anime world revitalizing interest globally in the sports genre and unless you have been living under a rock you would know that Free! is of course ‘that swimming anime’.


Not to be outdone by competing streaming service giants, Crunchyroll, Madman’s AnimeLab announced their Summer season line-up of simulcasts which features some interesting additions.

The following series are set to be simulcast next season on AnimeLab:

  • Durarara!!x2 TEN
  • Actually, I Am
  • A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist
  • Classroom Crisis
  • Charlotte
  • Aquarion LOGOS
  • Junjo Romantica 3
  • Overlord
  • Sky Wizards Academy
  • Fairy Tail Series 2

It’s an interesting line-up to say the least and with more and more titles heading to AnimeLab, Madman is proving that their service is just as important to anime fans as any other streaming service on the market. If you haven’t yet signed up for your subscription, now is the time!

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