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‘Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer’ Announced for 3DS, Better Than Watching ‘The Block’


Sick of watching Channel 9’s insipid home reno reality program The Block? Never heard of it or don’t watch bad TV? That’s fine because Animal Crossing is here to fill the home designer hole in your heart with a new installment in the popular anthropomorphic animal life simulator series just being announced for the 3DS.

The new Animal Crossing title was revealed during Nintendo’s special Nintendo Direct conference earlier today. The game is to be titled Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and will focus on the home design aspect of the series with players being challenged to design the homes of their fellow townsfolk. If you have ever played an Animal Crossing game before you’d know quite well that these animals have no idea about proper home design and need a good slap up side the head for some of there design disasters.

The game also has the distinction of introducing a new type of Amiibo play with the introduction of the new ‘Amiibo Cards’ which are basically trading cards that can be read as Amiibos. Of course this feature requires the ‘New 3DS’ to be used. A release date for both Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and the new series of ‘Amiibo Cards’ is still up in the air. Stay tuned for details on this upcoming title. It looks like for now The Block will have to do.



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