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An Old New World – Digmon World: Next Order Set to Head Overseas in 2017


Save the Digital World once more

The Digital World, home to programs, annoying pop-up advertisements and an assortment of monsters who range from cute hairballs to titanic dragon knights whose very existence threatens the stability of whichever world it lives in. So, knowing that, of course you want to visit it…right? Of course you do, so let’s go! Back to a world we all (obviously) remember from the days of old when PlayStations had no number after their names and controllers had an option to turn off analog sticks. It was a weird time. Still, it was one that bore the original Digimon World, a game which allowed us to live our dreams of venturing into a plane unlike our own, travel with an ever changing friend and build an awesome city that absolutely had a shop that specialised in slabs of meat and another that was a tournament legal fighting ring. Every child’s dream. Well, get ready to dream again, because we’re going back, perhaps to the very same world which we once left behind.

Having not extensively researched the plot, partly because I wasn’t 100% sure this game would see a Western release and partly because I wanted to keep the mystery alive, Digmon World: Next Order seems to follow on from the original (and vaguely aforementioned) Digimon World. With an NPC who bears a striking resemblance to the original protagonist and a similar plot focus on Machinedramon, this game may just scratch an itch you forgot you had. This is especially true given the knowledge that it will actually see a release outside of Japan, with English audio to boot. That’s right party people, an English dubbed PS4 Digimon game…it’s real. Sure it might not sound like much, but if you’re a fan of Digimon, it means a lot. Doubly so if you err on the side of nostalgia.


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