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An Anime Adaptation Of “Blood Blockade Battlefront” Is On The way


Reader, have you heard of a Manga/Anime series called ‘Trigun’? Surely you have! It’s the story of a young gunfighter with a mysterious past created by the Mangaka genius Yasuhiro Nightow. I can’t imagine any Anime fan not knowing what ‘Trigun’ is or who Yasuhiro Nightow is but for those of you who don’t: He’s a legend of the industry and ‘Trigun’ is a series that will go down in history as being one of the greatest examples of old-school Anime/Manga brilliance. Did you know, perhaps, that Mr. Nightow has a more recent Manga series that is currently being released around the world?

It’s a little series that goes by the name ‘Blood Blockade Battlefront’ or ‘B3’. ‘B3’ takes place in a world where the inhabitants of our world and those that lurk in the darkness of the underworld are forced to live together in some form of harmony due to a devastating event that took place before the start of the series. With supernatural elements and a cast of quirky fighters, it’s hard to glance at ‘B3’ and continue on your way. Especially when you realize just who is behind the story.


It has just been announced that the Manga is going to get its very own Anime adaptation thanks to the critically acclaimed studio…Bones, a studio you may know who’ve developed series’ like ‘Space Dandy’, ‘Chaika The Coffin Princess’, ‘Noragami’, ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’, and so many others. As someone who’s read  a couple chapters of the Manga, I can definitely see that Bones will do the series justice. Directed by Rie Matsumoto who is a young but capable director, this series stars Kazunao Furuya as its main script writer and Toshihiro Kawamoto as its main character designer.

Toshihiro Kawamoto you may know more about than the other two thanks to his similar role in the development of the Shinichiro Watanabe series ‘Cowboy Bebop’. The series isn’t going to be hitting screens until sometime next year but that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about it! ‘B3’ is a strange, exciting series that I’m sure will reach into your chest, pull out your beating heart and feast on it like a rabid wolf…you know…in a good way.


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