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An Accidental Tweet Confirms My Hero Academia Anime Adaptation


Just under a week ago, fellow writer Luke Halliday posted an article regarding the possible Anime adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia after the production company TOHO registered the domain name Judging by what has happened many times in the past, this registration has lead many to believe that there is indeed a My Hero Academia Anime series currently in production, but now we don’t have to judge our theories based solely off that, not after the series’ official Twitter account accidentally revealed that the series has been green-lit through a Tweet that was clearly posted a little too early.

The Tweet, which has now been deleted for obvious reasons, basically stated that an Anime adaptation for the series has been officially green-lit. This Tweet, mixed with the statement released by Weekly Shonen Jump a few days ago that suggests there will be a huge announcement regarding the series on the 2nd of November, has lead many people around the internet to believe that this is not hoax, this is no trick, this is no misdirection, this is the actual announcement of the My Hero Academia Anime adaptation, and while there hasn’t quite been an official statement…I believe the 2nd of November will deliver us all that particular gift.


While a lot of us, and by “us” I mean fans of My Hero Academia, are fairly confident that this series will be getting an Anime adaptation, it still has yet to be officially confirmed, mistimed Tweet or otherwise. It’s always good to keep a levelled head about this kind of stuff because, as many of you know, this industry is fickle and news changes like the tides of the sea, so get excited…but not TOO excited for what will possibly be the My Hero Academia Anime adaptation.


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