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Always Wanted To Be A DigiDestined? These Replica Tags And Crests Can Help With That!

Digimon-Adventure-Replica-Tags-And-Crests-Screenshot-02It’s obvious that you remember the original “Digimon Adventure” Anime series. If you didn’t know what it was I don’t think you would have even clicked through to the article but I know for a fact that anyone who did will not be disappointed! Bandai have just announced that they are planning to release a special new item as part of their “Digimon” 15th Anniversary celebrations that will go very well with the remakes of the original “Digivices”.

I bet, if you’re anything like me, you were one of the kids that looked at the glowing necklaces of the “DigiDestined” and said; “Dang! I wish I had one of them!”, well now in 2015 you’ll be able to get yourself an official Bandai-made replica. Yes, the new item that has already been put of for pre-order is indeed a replica of the original Tags and Crests from the first “Digimon Adventure” series. Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope, Light, and Kindness are all featured, with every purchase also landing the buyer a 70cm necklace so they can show off their chosen attribute to the world. Just incase you didn’t think this item was cool enough…it also lights up. Yep! It actually lights up, making it the exact item you’ve wanted every since you first laid eyes on the Anime all those years ago.

People who pre-order the new item will also receive four specialty pins: One that shows the Crest and three that show different coloured “Digivices”. Unfortunately it seems as though you can really only get this if you’re a Japanese resident OR unless you have a reliable friend who lives in the great country and is willing to ship it over to you once it arrives. Either way, check out the official Bandai store for all the specifics: Click Here.

As mentioned; pre-orders are open now and will stay that way until the 23rd of March. Bandai have stated that they plan on shipping the items out in June but please do note that these things are always subject to change. Anywho, before you head off to celebrate the good news I suggest you sit back down for another minute and a half to watch the official announcement trailer for the “Digimon” replica Tags and Crests which we’ve provided for you below. Enjoy!


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