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Allies At Arms: Is This Truly The End Of Kojima’s Run With Konami?


Over the past twenty four hours many news pieces have been peppered about the world wide web reporting on the “supposed” leaving of Hideo Kojima from long time video game development and producer partner Konami. Despite a great deal of information, though mostly vague, and many updates on the story…nobody has come to a clear conclusion. Depending on what publications you’re getting your news from, it’s either that this has been totally blown out of proportion or that Hideo Kojima is indeed severing ties with Konami and moving on with what seems like the next phase of his career. Truth be told…nobody knows the exact story. The only thing people DO know is that there is indeed some sort of civil unrest at Konami. That much is certain.

Word is that there has been a bit of in-fighting for a while now and that it is mostly between Kojima’s personal team and that of Konami, this is obvious. To have it all boil down to the possible disbanding of Kojima Productions and the resignation of Hideo Kojima himself is pretty sever and, as you can imagine, a lot of “Metal Gear Solid” fans are hoping that this is not the case. It would be far too unfortunate to see such a talented man have to start over again. We’ve seen this before though with a pretty unheard of video game creator that goes by the name Keiji fricken’ Inafune…if it happened to him, it can happen to anyone. IF this was the case, much like Inafune, it would not take long for Kojima to get back on his feet and return to legendary status under a new name but let’s not go down that road just yet.


How are people coming to the conclusion that Hideo Kojima is on his way out? Well, allow me to explain: Konami have been working their arses off over the past, let’s say, day or so to wipe his name off of everything that once featured it. This means a great deal of the promotional images for the upcoming “Metal Gear Solid” games “The Phantom Pain” and “Ground Zeroes” no longer feature “A Hideo Kojima Game” above the actual titles.

Not only that but official Twitter accounts are being changed and the Kojima Productions website now leads to a different site which only features that of the “Metal Gear Solid” series itself. Kojima Productions Los Angeles has now been renamed Konami Los Angeles Studio, the Kojima Productions logo has been removed from many of the official “Metal gear Solid” websites, Konami has broken all the valuable dinnerware in Kojima’s house and thrown his favorite dress clothes out the second story window…yeah, this does seem like a pretty messy breakup doesn’t it?

It seems as though Konami is indeed doing what any scorn lover would do and is trying to forget Kojima in any way it possibly can. Now just because this SEEMS like your typical Hollywood breakup, does that actually mean this is what is happening? Yeah…maybe, who knows. Apparently a Konami representative spoken with many of the big video game publications stressing that Hideo Kojima will continue working on “Metal Gear Solid” productions indefinitely.

“Konami Digital Entertainment, including Mr. Kojima, will continue to develop and support Metal Gear products. Please look forward to future announcements.”


That would have been the end of it…had no more been said about the situation. As it turns out, another “unknown” source reached out to, once again, most of the big names in video game journalism and began spreading a verbal virus that has now taken over the internet as a whole: This “unnamed source from within Kojima Productions” apparantly stated that, once “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” is completed and released…Hideo Kojima and his close-knit team will be leaving the ranks of Konami to start afresh, which…they can absolutely do, especially with the “Metal Gear Solid” series under their belts. Like I said above; it’ll take a little bit but they’ll be back on their feet before you can say “Solid Snake”.

Coming as absolutely no surprise to anyone; a majority of pop culture fans have expressed that they are very much on the side of Hideo Kojima and the team at Kojima Productions saying things like “this is the end for Konami” and “Konami is more or less done”. Many other fans believe this to be another of Hideo Kojima’s hilariously heartbreaking, large-scale tricks which usually work as some sort of huge promotion for not only his next game but his career in general. Could that be it? Yeah…maybe, but who knows. Essentially, with Hideo Kojima, anything can happen. At least the old Diamond Dog knows that his fans will follow him to the absolute ends of the Earth. That’s a level of loyalty companies dream of but can never attain.

What more can be said? I’d like to think this will all be sorted peacefully with jobs and lives intact but it IS the ruthless video game industry so, chances are, it’ll end terribly. Konami would be fools to let Kojima go entirely and the general populous knows this, you would hope they would too. Either way, there’s a chance we’ll be hearing more about this not only in the coming days but most likely in the coming hours so stick to the site for updates when they arrive.


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  1. He’ll never be able to make another AAA game the quality of Metal Gear Solid unless Nintendo or Capcom pick him up. Even then other people can do the same thing, its only his name that brings him fame.

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