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All Six Paths Lead To Demise – Madara Confirmed As Playable Character For Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Madara-Six-Paths-Naruto-Ultimate-Ninja-Storm-4-Screenshot-01There’s nothing better than a good video game, and every good video game always comes with an exciting and brutally powerful bad guy thrown into the mix to put the hero to the test. Originally it was Orochimaru who posses the biggest threat to our outrageous Shinobi hero Naruto…but that was some time ago. Massage Kishimoto, the creator of the series, kicked the snake man to the curb a long time ago and since then the spot of all-powerful antagonist has been filled by countless men and women all of which have fallen victim to the might of the ninja world’s greatest warrior. One of the final villains of the series, a man called Madara Uchiha, really made Naruto work for his heroic title and, if you ask me…he almost succeeded in his plan of utter world domination. Too bad the power of a Shonen hero is far too much for any bad guy to handle.

Well Mr. Madara Uchiha being such a good bad guy, it’s only natural that he would appear in the latest Naruto fighting game Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Not only is the ancient Uchiha featured as a playable character and as a mighty boss, he’ll hit the battlefield in what Namco Bandai Games are calling his “Six Path” form, but the version of him they’re actually referring to is his Jinchuriki Transformation wherein which he seals the Ten Tails within his own body to become more than just a powerful ninja, he becomes a God…of sorts. Anyway, Bandai Namco Games have indeed confirmed that this man will be appearing in the new game alongside some other incredibly exciting characters like a Young Kakashi Hatake and an older, wiser Naruto Uzumaki who were both confirmed some time ago.


Alongside the announcement of his appearance in the game comes a couple of nice assets from the new game; one that shows his character model and the other that shows his boss battle in action. All in all Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is looking to be absolutely brilliant and I, as a past fan of the series, absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it…I very much hope it is better than the last Naruto game that was released which was just…ugh…I don’t want to go there. Fact is; I have high hopes that Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will go above and beyond our expectations much like the franchise has in the past.

If you’re super excited for this game, much like I am, you’ll be waiting until August, but when specifically in August…we don’t know, because Bandai Namco Games have yet to announce a release date. That doesn’t really matter though because we all know it’s coming and the hype is very much real. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC through Steam.


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