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“Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed” To Be Released In Europe Next February


“Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed” for the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3 has already been released worldwide but NIS America just want you to know that you havn’t seen anything yet, not until you’ve laid eyes on the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the stripping game many people the world over love so dearly. Yes, in case you havn’t heard; there IS a PlayStation 4 version of this game that comes loaded up with a whole bunch of gameplay extras as well as some fantastic graphics that just couldn’t be seen on the PS3 and PS Vita thanks to their inferior visual capabilities. That isn’t the case anymore though.

The PlayStation 4 version is on the way and with it will come a whole new gameplay experience that NIS America boasts people who’ve already played the game will still enjoy. “Undead and Undressed” has already been released on the PlayStation 4 in both Japan and in North America with the next in line to get the game being Europe. NIS America announced today that the game will be hitting the great continent on the 6th of February next year! This means you’ve got under three months to start preparing for one hell of a stripping good time!

What’s new in the PS4 version?

Toybox Mode – Start the game with one of every available weapon and clothing item, including shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, underwear, and much more!

Visual Editor – Using the new Visual Editor, you are able to completely customize almost every aspect of the game’s visuals. If you don’t feel like making a bunch of little changes, there are tons of pre-set schemes that can instantly change the look of the game for some truly awesome gameplay experiences.

Livestream Interaction – Livestream viewers can directly affect the player’s experience with chat commands in decidedly unusual ways.

Updated Visuals – Enhanced visuals with 1080p resolution, a smooth and consistent frame rate, more character model details, and better lighting and shadows.

More Residents – At least four times as many residents wandering the streets of Akiba, giving the city an even more authentic feel than ever before. And less time to load them in!

All PS3 and Vita DLC – All downloadable content released for the PS3 and Vita versions is in the game from the very start!

Exclusive Dialogue Scenes – Each of the six main girls has one additional dialogue scene added to the PS4 version, accessible by running into her on the street at a specific point of the story.

Touchpad and Speaker – Make use of the DualShock 4’s wireless controller in various innovative ways. Set game voices to broadcast through its speakers, or get a little more up close and personal with your partner using its touch pad.

If all that still hasn’t convinced you, how about checking out my review of the PlayStation Vita version of the game by Clicking Here. Hopefully that’ll somewhat change your mind.



      • Seriously, what is it with that kind of feature? I got dedicated games for that kind of thing if I WANTED to, it is distracting from the rest of the game.

      • Frank Inglese says

        That’s just the way Japanese developers do it I think :P
        “Akiba’s Trip” is a game full of humour so I think it’s just another funny feature of the game

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