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A Phoenix Wright Game Like No Other – Ace Attorney 6 Revealed


The New and Improved Ace Attorney – Click For Full Size

Here’s some amazing news for your Wednesday morning: Not only have Capcom just revealed the very next instalment in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series of video games, but they also confirmed it’s Western localisation. This type of thing doesn’t always happen, especially when it comes to Japanese titles like Ace Attorney.

Simply titled Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6, this upcoming game finds titular character Phoenix Wright heading off-shore to a mysterious country where people insist on believing in the supernatural powers of those deceased. Surely this will come into play during the many long trials ahead for this Ace Attorney who gets roped into a series of cases almost instantly upon arrival in the mysterious land.


Bokuto Tsunai: Young Priest and Faithful Friend – Click For Full Size

Much like the other games in the series, Ace Attorney 6 will feature an updated set of gameplay mechanics, none more exciting than that of the Water Mirror feature that, although yet to be properly detailed, is assured to be of great help during most trials. Speaking of help; Wright will make himself a new friend in a young priest called Bokuto Tsunai who is a resident of the paranormal-loving country and who will help our hero as much as he can along the way.

Nothing in terms of specifics has been detailed regarding a proper release date for the game. Japan’s Famitsu magazine, wherein which we acquired the information for this article, mentions nothing about a date so we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next. Like the previous Ace Attorney title, 6 will be playable only on the Nintendo 3DS.


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