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A new ZOIDS project is coming soon and once again all is right with the world


Takara Tomy the masterminds behind the iconic ZOIDS mecha anime franchise and its various other media and merchandise have released a teaser today on their official website confirming the long awaited return of the franchise in a new upcoming project.

While no major details have been confirmed about what we can expect from the project, they have released a graphic showcasing the Shield Liger ZOID and a mysterious soldier crouching besides it and the phrase “A new ZOIDS project is coming soon”. One could presume that this may be hinting at a future anime series, I for one would love to see that happen.

That is all the information we have to go on for now but I am sure for ZOIDS fans like my fellow writer here at SnapThirty, Kane Bugeja, are incredibly excited at the promise of a new project in the ZOIDS franchise.

Source: 4gamer


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