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A New Hero For A New Generation: Introducing “Ultraman Orb”


The year is 2016, and it marks the 50th anniversary of the long-running Tokusatsu television series Ultraman. Considering there’s a new iteration of Ultraman every few years (give or take), it only makes sense that the powers at be would be gearing up for a huge reveal specifically for that of the series’ half-century anniversary. Coming from the same director as last year’s Ultraman X is the latest reincarnation of the shining Tokusatsu hero, this time called “Ultraman Orb“.

Ultraman-Specium-Zeppelion-image-01The story behind this series revolves around a human being called Gai Kurenai, played by Hideo Ishiguro, who is in possession of a mysterious object that allows him to tap into the power of past Ultraman iterations, borrowing their powers and using them to thwart the forces of evil. Somewhat like in Ultraman X, wherein which Ultraman had the ability to use the abilities of defeated Kaiju, this Ultraman will be able to harness the raw force of his descendants; fusing abilities together to create an even more powerful Ultraman being.


Reminiscent of Jayden Yuki’s Hero Deck from the Shonen Jump series Yu-Gi-Oh!, Gai Kurenai’s “Orb” allows for him to combine different Ultramen which, in the process, grants him the use of mysterious abilities never before seen. The only Ultraman form to have been shown from the new series as of right now is titled Specium Zeppelion, and THAT is a fusion of the original Ultraman and Ultraman Taiga. Other Ultraman forms so far revealed are: “Hurrican Slash” which is a fusion between Ultraman Jack and Ultraman Zero, and “Burning Might” which is a fusion between Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Mebius.


Ultraman Orb will premiere on TV Tokyo on the 9th of July at 9:00am all across Japan. Whenever there’s a brand-new iteration of a Tokusatsu classic like this, it does wonders at exciting fans not only in Japan but across the entire world, and Ultraman Orb, despite how little we’ve seen of it, looks as though it’s going to blow audiences away.


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