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A Mighty Wait – Mighty No. 9 Release Pushed Back to September


He’ll be Beck…soon…for the first time

Alas, the title of this article is true. The upcoming Keiji Inafune led project Mighty No. 9 is having its release date pushed back to September 2015. However, all is not bad. Due to this delay, Comcept has announced a few additional elements that will now launch on day one.

Bolstering the spread of Beck, Call and the rest of the cast, the game will now feature an extra eight subtitle language options (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese). The Ray DLC set will also tag along, granting everyone with and extra level, boss and playable character. Which is pretty sweet.

All of this comes with the reveal that a physical version of the game will now launch when the game is officially released. For North America, this is September 15th, with Europe and the rest of the planet of Earth following on September 18th. This is most likely due to the announcement that Comcept has teamed up with publisher Deep Silver. Regardless, our wait will lead to more content, which is something I can most certainly deal with.


Information: Now with pictures!


Wait a minute….Mighty No. 9…September is the 9th month of the year…conspiracy!



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