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A Look At The Bushiroad TCG Battleground At MadFest 2016


Bushiroad are continuing to prove themselves as the global champions of trading card games with the ongoing success of franchises like Cardfight Vanguard and Weiss Schwartz alongside the newfound breakout hits of Future Card Buddyfight and Luck & Logic.

At MadFest 2016, Bushiroad were one of the major sponsors of the event and even held the annual Bushiroad Global Championships right here at the event in Melbourne. The championships saw hundreds of cardfighters enter the fray with hopes of becoming the global champion of their respective TCG, be it Vanguard, Buddyfight, Weiss Schwartz or Luck & Logic.

For those uninitiated in the variety of TCG that Bushiroad produce they also had a ‘how to play’ booth where experts from Bushiroad would teach you how to play any of the games you were interested in. The most popular game this time around seemed to be Luck & Logic which of course is coming hot on the heels of the brand new anime tie-in currently streaming on AnimeLab.

Not only that but Bushiroad’s booth had a lot of great sales and deals on including a sale on Buddyfight decks with the hope to entice players to get into the game and give it a go. I am personally quite a fan of Buddyfight and was happy to see many excited to play the game and learn what its all about.

All in all it was a great showcase of TCG and the wonders that card games hold from Bushiroad. I learned how to play the Luck & Logic game and found myself pleasantly surprised by how deep the game can be. It was great to see Australia serve as the host for the global championships and I hope to see more from Bushiroad down under in the future.


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