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A Legend Retold – Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed for PS4


The promise has been met

That’s right Final Fanatics, it’s happening. No longer the pipe dream that has been dreamt for years, no longer a fervant wish held by those whose childhoods were forever marked by a villain with a sword matched only in length by his hair. Final Fantasy VII is coming back. And it’s coming back hard.

At Sony’s E3 press conference, a brief trailer made countless fans day by showing us Midgar in a completely new light…and graphics engine. With a rather meta narration, said trailer promised the retelling of a legend, the re-presentation of a story well known and loved the world over. With the Buster Sword making a brief appearance, strapped to a very familiar back, the hype meter is ready to boil to all new heights.

So…there’s not much else to say is there? The remake is coming people. The long wanted, long hypothesised remake is coming. I’m sure as heck looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to the wait a lot less, but that’s the price we pay for information.


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