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A Hot and Cold Reception – New 3DS Sonic Boom Game Announced


Feeling hot, hot, cold

Continuing to prove that you just can’t keep a good hedgehog down, the blue blur is heading to the 3DS in a brand new adventure. As part of the new Sonic Boom franchise, Fire and Ice is set to chronicle the journey of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks as they take on a few mysterious foes and one not-so-mysterious one…it’s Eggman.

As the thermal title indicates, the core mechanic of this game will revolve around employing the power of fire and ice. Certain water obstacles can frozen to create scaleable platforms, whilst pre-frozen barriers can be melted to allow passage. Said effects are instigated by imbuing one of the crew with the respective element, before utilising their own individual powers, such as Sonic’s Spin Dash or Stick’s Boomerang.

From what can be seen in the trailer, it can also be assumed that players are able to rotate through the roster of playable characters (which now includes Amy) at any point within a level. A similar assumption can be made for the powers, based on the icons located on the lower 3DS screen.

Supposition aside, no information outside of the announcement trailer has surfaced as of yet. So enjoy the trailer if you do so please and check out the first glimpse of Sonic and Co on their next adventure.


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