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A Death In The Family – 91 Days Episode Seven – Season’s Writings


Fango, now reigning over the Orco crime family, sits Nero down for a quick bit as he explains that the Vanetti’s are the next to receive a hostile takeover. Nero, after taking another of Fango’s jobs and meeting with his uncle, agrees to meet with Frate in an attempt to restore the, now broken, bonds that there family once held so dear. This…does not turn out well. Prior to this, Avilio and Volpe spearhead a hit on Ronald. Though a failure, Avilio continues to spin his webs of deceit by taking out Volpe and blaming it on the Vanettis. After three key deaths, the Vanetti family is in absolute ruin, and thanks to Fio’s assassination of her own husband there is now no point of contact between them and the Galassias. An extinction is on the horizon, and Avilio Bruno, or so he calls himself, is at the epicentre…just as he wanted.

The first thing I’m compelled to mention regarding this episode is the visual representation of Fango’s shift from, essentially, hired goon to complete crime lord. Usually, in most Anime, a character’s visual change wouldn’t represent more than just that, but with Fango I had this distinct impression that it has to do greatly with his character. Hair slicked back, button-up shirt, flowing scarf, I was given the overwhelming feeling that this is not just a superficial aesthetic change but this is Fango’s idea of what he SHOULD be now that he is the head of a crime family. Episode Seven showed Fango in a way we’ve never seen him before; he held himself with a sliver of class, and it was clear that he was making a conscience effort to not raise his voice or speak in outlandish ways. Honestly, I could be looking into this more than is necessary, but what I’m saying is not without evidence.


The cruz of this episode, despite the previous paragraph, did not focus on Fango, in fact…he was barely in it. What we, the audience, were made privy to is the inner workings of the Vanetti family which, as a cause of recent events, is in shambles. Frate, the one to inherit the Vanetti family now that Nero is no longer a viable option, has lost his mind, now thinking only of killing Nero for not only the sake of the relationship between the Vanetti’s and the Galassias but for his own, twisted reasons. Daddy didn’t pay enough attention and now the youngest child is going to take it out on his older brother. Youngest child syndrome at it’s most extreme. This, unfortunately, ends with his death at the hands of the brother he so hates. A fitting end to the spoiled brat of the Vanetti’s if you ask me.

The latest episode, once again, proves to it’s audience that Avilio Bruno is not a man to mess with. This crime family warfare, both psychological and physical, is a direct product of his involvement going all the way back to the events of the second episode wherein which he began laying the foundation of his revenge. He is a character unlike one we’ve ever seen before. He’s not only incredibly intelligent, but also surprisingly brazen, willing to take risks but retaining a level of confidence which, in turn, allows him to get away with literal murder. He’s good at thinking on his feet, using lies and deception to get exactly what he wants while continuing to grow closer and closer to the family that ruined his life. Still, the audience is made to care for Nero and his crew, even though what they did was terrible, which is great because it’s going to make the final confrontation almost unbearable to watch, in a great way…obviously.


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  1. While I quite enjoyed this episode, it is difficult to care about any of the characters when they die because, to be perfectly honest, most of them are kind of bringing it on themselves. That includes Avilio. If he were to get shot I would hardly feel sympathetic at this point.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode.

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