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A Cute Look At A Harsh World – “Monster Hunter Stories” Announced For The Nintendo 3DS


Hey, wussies! Is Monster Hunter a little too hard for you huh? Oh you need something that’s a little easier for you? That doesn’t hurt your hands when you play it? That doesn’t make you cry like a little baby when you botch a Hunt? Well Capcom have just announced a new Monster Hunter spin-off that’ll have you counting EXP instead of how many deaths you have until mission failure.

Monster Hunter Festa’ 2015 was held in Tokyo over this past weekend and it was at the tournament finals that this new game was announced. Titled Monster Hunter Stories, this new RPG title will take the world of Monster Hunter to a place I don’t believe it’s ever been before. Capcom stated that this is going to be an RPG title unlike any other and I think it’s simply because of the Monster Hunter setting.

Unfortunately not much else was said about the game apart from that it will revolve around a different type of Monster Hunter class, the Monster Rider. These Riders are skilled but have chosen not to Hunt but to tame. Thankfully, Capcom released a trailer for the upcoming game that, unfortunately, doesn’t show any actual gameplay footage but does show a pre-rendered sequence that’s still sure to make people excited for the game.

There’s no release date but we know it’s going to get a release on the Nintendo 3DS sometime next year…though that’s for Japan. When it comes to the West, at this point in time, we’d be lucky to get it. Hopefully we don’t have to beg Capcom to get it localised.



  1. Monster Hunter only hurts my hand when playing it because I’m going at it on a PSP or 3DS for possibly 50 odd minutes, these handhelds systems are not well designed for lengthy bouts of sweat and chafing.

    • Frank Inglese says

      I really NEED Capcom to release a version of 4 Ultimate for the Wii U. That would rip so hard!

      • The larger potential for control schemes is one of many reasons I think it would be a missed opportunity not to put it on the Wii U.

      • Frank Inglese says

        Very much agreed. It’s true home is on a console like the Wii U.

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