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A Colourful Cast in Any Language – RWBY Japanese Dub Cast Announced


To Japan!

Since its release, RWBY has been the source of some debate regarding its status as a series. Is it an anime? Is it a Western production? I myself have always been of the mind that it really doesn’t matter. It’s a cool show, enough said. But, we aren’t here to debate that particular topic today. We are here instead to take a look at the recently released Japanese cast listing for the new dub from…well japan. It is as follows:

  • Ruby Rose – Saori Hayami
  • Weiss Schnee – Yoko Hikasa
  • Blake Belladonna – Yu Shimamura
  • Yang Xiao Long – Ami Koshimizu

Fun fact: RWBY is in fact the first Western anime property to be picked up for distribution in Japan. Which is pretty awesome. Anyway, information is still absent regarding who will comprise the rest of the Japanese cast, but that will surely hit soon. So, until then, keep an ear out and…watch the original English version? Waiting is always the hardest part isn’t it?



  1. Say what you want about Lucas’ one-take directing style, his over-reliance on blue screens or his cheesy tendency to reference himself, but his imagination is as fertile as ever.

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