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A Brand-New Pokemon Has Finally Been Revealed But Not In The Way You Think



Not too long ago, we here at SnapThirty brought you news of a mysterious new Pokemon teased in some early leaks of the latest CoroCoro magazine issue. This Pokemon, which many people consider to be an evolution of X and Y’s Zygarde, made it’s silhouetted debut in a quick trailer for the third Pokemon XY movie that played right after the Japanese screening of the latest Pokemon movie; Hoopa And The Clash Of Ages. Well, over the weekend, Japanese audiences got a chance to catch the new movie as well as the trailer for the upcoming film, which has yet to be named, but there was something even more interesting about it that goes very much beyond the gargantuan shadow monster shown in the leaked screenshots; a brand-new Pokemon.

Serebii, the Pokemon-centric news site, have posted an interesting article regarding this new Pokemon that happens to contain sketches from one movie-goer that made sure to pay close attention to the little monster so that it’s image could be replicated and spread around the world to Non-Japanese fans of the franchise. Different from the “Mega Zygarde“, this ghostly creature is small, cute, and apparently has lopsided features that make it very much endearing to audiences across the board.


This new Pokemon features green eyes and a red belly.

Since the trailer has yet to have been released online and the powers at be have yet to release any official art, the sketch of this new Pokemon is about all the world has right now in terms of new Pokemon content. I find it incredibly exciting though; it takes me back to my younger days wherein which the internet wasn’t a viable option for finding certain specific pieces of information. Hopefully this new Pokemon means we’ll soon be getting another generation of the long-lasting franchise, but nothing concrete can be said at this point in time, especially when we’ve not even seen the official image of this new creature.

It apparently uses it’s one big eye to peer through the O in Pokemon as the title appears on screen. It then squeezes its way through the letter and jumps around the screen in delight. All accounts of the Pokemon’s appearance are, more or less, described like that so it’s safe to say that we don’t see very much more of it after it shows itself during the title screen. The trailer then goes on to show the giant, shadowy Pokemon which is shown to feature “pulsating hexagons” around it’s body. This makes me, and the rest of the Pokemon-loving audience, believe that this new Pokemon is indeed an evolution of Zygarde. Be it a Mega Evolution, Primal Evolution, Form Change, either way it is widely believed that it has some connection to the X and Y legendary.


What we’re hoping is that the trailer gets an internet release sometime soon so we’ll be able to see it in full for ourselves. Until then, you’ll just have to be happy with eye-witness accounts of the ghostly Pocket Monster and shadowy, hexagon creature. Just think of it like a crazy urban legend that will one day come very much true!

Source: Serebii


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