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5 Things We Learned From One Piece


With over 700 episodes having aired of the epic shonen anime series One Piece, it is bound to have taught us a thing or two right? Despite its high seas fantasy world and eccentric cast of characters, One Piece has a lot of basis in real world scenarios and emotion with more than a fair share of life lessons to dish out. Here are five things that we learned from over 700 episodes of the anime phenomenon that is One Piece.


5. Strength comes in all shapes and sizes.

While Luffy may be able to get a boost of strength with Gear Second, strength isn’t always about sheer power and force but the bravery shown and the courage to go on through the hardest of times. Usopp may not be the most physically strong Straw Hat Crew member but when it comes to fighting for what he believes in he puts his fears aside and fights with courage in his heart.

4. People can change.

Sometimes people aren’t what they first appear to be. They always say don’t judge a book by its cover and the same can be true for people. Nico Robin didn’t always fight for the good guys, in fact she was once allied with one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Crocodile. In spite of it all no one is inherently all bad and people are capable of change. Even Crocodile eventually puts his grudge against Luffy aside to aid him in battle. Talk about turning over a new leaf!

3. Freedom is always worth fighting for.

It is about as classic a One Piece story as it gets. The Straw Hat Pirates rock up to a new island only to discover that its inhabitants are walking on eggshells living under the rule of a tyrant. Luckily for those people Luffy isn’t having any of that. Freedom is a basic human right and the struggle against oppression is a recurring theme throughout One Piece, whether it be Luffy sending a violent ‘god’ back to the moon or tearing down the bird cage surrounding Dressrosa. Freedom isn’t something that must be earned it is a right that is worth fighting for.

2. Follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they seem.

Every member of the Straw Hat Pirates has their own individual dream. Some more crazier than the others, but it is that shared goal of achieving their dreams that drives them onward across the turbulent seas of adventure. If you want something bad enough, fight for it and keep on chasing down that dream of yours until it comes true. Heck you could argue that some of the Straw Hats have already achieved theirs. I’m looking at you ‘Great Pirate of the Sea’ Usopp!

1. Family isn’t always bound by blood but by the bonds you share.

‘Nakama’ is a word that has become synonymous with the One Piece fandom. The bonds we share in our love for One Piece makes us fans in a way our very own ‘Nakama’ (or family). The Straw Hat Pirates are undoubtedly a family and it isn’t because they share the same blood, it is because of the bonds they tie them together. The moments shared with each other and their friendship built over years of adventure together. Family is more than blood, it is a collective culmination of the moments, bonds, promises, love, friendships, laughs, tears and adventure shared with one another. That is ‘Nakama’ and that is the heart of One Piece.


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