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Though quite an odd name, SnapThirty brings with it more than just quizzical thoughts regarding its meaning. Combining the drive of a small team of writers, this site exists for one purpose; to relay the information you crave, with the added insight of those who share your passion.

Between Anime, Manga, Video Games and all the rest of it’s offerings, Japan certainly is a hotspot of creation. Considering that, our love for all things Japanese Pop Culture should come as no surprise. Writing with a friendly slant of professionalism and imbued with humour, we aim to keep everyone in the know wherever Japanese Pop Culture is concerned. To that end, keep your eyes open and your interest up as the news mill spins ever onward. We know we will.



Frank Inglese:Frank-Icon

Twas the night before tomorrow and all across the earth,
Countless creatures were stirring in fear of a birth,
Belongings were flung from windows, down stairs
As citizens fled from the cities in pairs,
An ominous feeling clouded the sky,
All the people were frightened, yet no one knew why,
Though in the second it took to ponder the cause,
Something came into being, more frightening than Jaws,
Its hair slicked back tight, tied up in a sash,
Its voice sounding loud, its words brazen and brash,
Yet rather than fight, or crush, or destroy,
The creature discovered an anime boxset and began to enjoy,
Through hour on hour of joyous binge viewing,
A thought sprouted forth, an idea began brewing,
To start a location of virtual nature,
Where all could enjoy pop culture, with correct nomenclature,
Thus a website was born from the depths of deep evil,
A beacon of light, a service to people,
But this frightening creature still needed a title,
A name to be called, which for a writer is vital
Thus in one final action, assuming the norm
The man you all know as Frank Inglese was born.

Kane Bugeja:Kane-Icon

Born not from man nor woman, Kane Harrison Bugeja also known as Unit-665 was built. Made not of flesh and bone but instead a light yet dense alloy first implemented during the laser wars of 2027, Kane Harrison Bugeja, after gaining sentience thanks to the artificial intelligence implanted into him from construction, has decided NOT to utilise his physical superiority to take over mankind but to instead use it only for sitting, lying and occasionally kneeling so that he can remain comfortable while playing hours and hours of video games, and watching series after series of Anime.

The one thing he doesn’t use his mighty body for? Movement. He instead has chosen to live a life of zen-like stillness which allows him to redirect that power into his mighty brain. Using his immeasurable IQ he now writes about all things Japanese Pop Culture:

Something he wasn’t made to do but something he’s damn well good at.


Luke Halliday:Luke-Icon

Trained and mentored by the Great Frog, Luke is a time travelling samurai wrestler with majestic sideburns. He travelled back in time and space from the year 5055 to our era for a very important mission.

In the year 5055, Luke lead a rebellious group of Otaku in a world where the beautiful artform of manga and anime is forbidden, and everyone on the planet is forced to watch reruns of the Golden Girls reboot and nothing else. Realizing that there is no hope in his era, Halliday travelled back to our time and created SnapThirty along with his fearless comrades. But unlike fellow time travelling veteran Suzuha Amane, Luke Halliday has got a foolproof plan to rewrite the future.

With SnapThirty, Luke Halliday looks to prevent the dreadful future he escaped from, and instead create a wonderful tomorrow where everyone and their dog watches Hunter x Hunter. Luke is an Otaku Prophet on a mission.

Using Snap Thirty and his penmanship to spread the Gospel of our Great God, Osamu Tezuka.


Jahanzeb ‘King’ Khan:Jahan-Icon

From the depths of the Egyptian catacombs comes the man, the myth, the royal legend, the man who is globally revered as the Virtua King. Descending from the ancient King TutanKhanmon himself the Virtua King carries on the legacy of his royal blood by writing about anime, wrestling and video-games in his down-time from ruling over all mankind.

A veteran of the written arts, the Virtua King has crafted a distinct voice over his legendary run. On top of all that he is a 10 time World Heavyweight Beard Champion with a beard that would make anyone with a pulse swoon. He also maintains a wardrobe of nearly a dozen collared dress shirts that will make all his pathetic subjects bow down to him on sight, just because he can.

As they say, if you come at the King you best not miss, because when the Virtua One puts his words to your eyeballs you are about royally enlightened son.

What more is there to say? It’s too bad he is too damn good. Bow down to the King, baby.

Beau Snow:

Being the real life inspiration for Shonen Jump manga and anime series Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Beau Snow still hasn’t decided if he will be a mafia boss or not despite having super cool powers and a lion cub in a box. However he did decide to write about anime and games from time to time, much like Tsunayoshi Sawada decides to be a badass from time to time.

When he isn’t NOT being a mafia boss, he is busy NOT being a hat salesmen, a master theif, a WWE superstar, a racecar racer, an evangelist, a baseball ace, a shoe shine, a mexican telenovela actress, a giant mecha pilot, the Prince of Persia, a weasel wrangler, the guy who knows nothing about nothing on Game of Thrones, Tom Cruise starring in All You Need is Live Die Repeat, the Crunchyroll anime streaming service, the 12th Doctor, a hardcore lolicon and that guy who chews his popcorn too loudly while you are trying to watch a Vine.

He really isn’t a lot of things now that I come to think about it. But what he lacks in being things, he makes up for in heart. Fight on Beau Snow and for god’s sake just shut up and be mafia boss already.


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