Month: September 2021

Tomorrow’s Guardians | My Hero Academia Episode 113

Oh yeah, this series used to be about Heroes. We’ve spent a decent enough chunk of time with world-hating anarchists that that fact sort of got left behind. Well, we’re back in it and…the season is over. Drat. And for a season-ending episode…not a whole lot happened. We saw the 1-A kids showcase some new moves on a horde of (seemingly self-aware) robots and then celebrate their return to school with hot pot. It all essentially boiled down to a quick run through of the roster, making sure you remembered what everyone can do and making sure that all of 1-A got a smidge more screen time: a fun reminder of a cast less bent on destroying the world. That being said, I will point out how adorable it was that Ashido told Kirishima that her new move was based on his; maybe there’s a reason she’s so acutely aware of Uraraka’s mimicry of Midoriya. Either way, it’s always nice to see connections in 1-A that aren’t mired in familial drama or society-upending secrets.