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Anime Meets Fast and Furious With SMASH! 2016’s Car Showcase


I’m pretty sure Vin Diesel and the rest of his Fast and Furious gang would approve of SMASH! con’s choice to showcase some anime inspired cars at their event this year.

Lined up by the JR Flemming section of Rose Hill Gardens, SMASH! con became the stage for several ‘hotted up’ cars on show. Now I am no vehicular expert, in fact I don’t claim to know jack about cars, but I must say that these ‘hot rods’ looked mighty fine.

Each car was decked out in anime decals with characters from series like Love Live! and Neon Genesis Evangelion adorning the vehicle’s exteriors. It is a rare occurence to see anime crossing over into the world of cars, Initial D aside, so it was quite a treat to take a good ole’ gander at these impressive vehicular specimens.

You can take a look at the cars for yourself in the gallery below. I must say I think Fast and Furious 7 would have been 10x better if they had a Nico Yazawa car jumping out of that plane. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

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