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Turn Your PlayStation TV Into A Portable Console With The New DekaVita7…Or Just Buy A PS Vita


I wouldn’t usually write about something like this but, as it turns out, I’m in quite a silly mood and seeing this new item made me chuckle to myself quite a bit. We all know what the PlayStation Vita is, right? It’s a portable console that is currently serving as Sony’s middle child who isn’t quite as good as it’s older sibling and is better than its younger sibling but is getting no attention for it, therefor leaving it in a state of absolute limbo. If you’re a reader of the site who’s constantly reading you’ll know that I happen to love the PlayStation Vita. As of right now, it’s my favorite console, hands down. When I first heard about the PlayStation TV or PlayStation Vita TV, a small system that allows you to play Vita games on your television, you can probably imagine I was quite interested in it. Imagine playing games like “Freedom Wars” or “Persona 4 Golden” on a huge screen, that would be pretty damn sweet.

The PlayStation TV just got released in Australia, where I live, today so my mind has been on it all morning. Than I read about this; a new “peripheral” made by accessory company Gametech called the “DekaVita7” which allows you to turn your PlayStation TV into, essentially, a PlayStation Vita. My first thought was; “well…why wouldn’t I just buy myself a PlayStation Vita?”, and every other thought after that was; “this seems kind of unnecessary”. The whole point of the PlayStation TV is that you can play PlayStation Vita games on the big screen but Gametech is saying “Nah, screw that!”. The “DekaVita7” looks almost exactly like the new PlayStation Vita and actually features less than that of a true Vita console…it doesn’t have any touch screen capabilities.

Now it can work as a PlayStation 3 controller and you can remote play on it from your PlayStation 4 but you can also do that with your PlayStation Vita…I do it all the time. I do have to say though; the system doesn’t look half bad. It looks like it has a comfortable grip which is something I’ve never liked about the Vita but I don’t think I’ll be tossing mine in the trash anytime soon so I can purchase both a PlayStation TV and the “DekaVita7”, that seems like a bunch of money that could go towards more important things like buying more PlayStation Vita games. The “DekaVita7” is now available to pre-order which you can do by going to the official site Here. Buy it…or an actual PlayStation Vita.


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